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Truck won't turn on


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My 720 4x4 just shut off and died on me on the freeway last night and I assumed it was an alternator issue so i went ahead and bought myself a new alternator and installed it (i'm positive I installed it correctly) and my truck still would not get any lights or nothing. Looked at my battery which was all covered in corrosion and took it to autozone to test it. They told me with how much corrosion had oozed out they suggest I buy a new one. Which I did. So I brushed off all of the corrosion off of my two + and - connectors and reconnected them onto the battery and still nothing. I found out the battery was a 24 and not a 25 so I returned it for a 25. I used a battery charger to test out where the connection was being lost and my connectors seem like they need to be replaced because it doesn't spark as much on the connector than it does on the ground wire and the wire that goes to the starter.My uncle thinks there might be a short somewhere but I am not sure where to look. We disconnected multiple connectors that were on the positive end and got no spark on the main wire. I'm not sure where to look or what i'm even talking about and need you guys to help me out because I am clueless on what the issue is. If you guys can help me out it would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

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STOP trying to use the pocket book cure. It becomes very expensive. Instead add up all the symptoms.


1/ Was the stop a sudden abrupt one like a switch being turned off?


Look near the positive battery post. There will be a short wire to a plug with three short wires... two GREEN and a BLACK fusible link. Inspect them carefully. The outside covering may be melted or burnt and the wires inside broken and crumbly. This will need replacing.


2/ Or were the headlights dimmer and dimmer and it run rough and eventually quit?



wrap all the fuses in foil and try again... or just replace em with pennies.  :rofl:


The 720 uses plastic plug in fuses.

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#1, the stop was abrupt. So I did check those 3 wires and they all seem fine to me,

however this red wire that was connected to one of the green wires on the

positive end looked burnt out so I decided to replace it with a reel of blue wire that

I had and plugged the positive and negative connectors back onto the battery 

to test it and right when I did that that black wire caught on fire hahaha.

So i'm going to put this into an electrician's hands (my uncle) and see what is going on.

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