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Guest DatsuNoob

Today was pretty fun. I ran all over town looking for a Heli-coil kit to fix the broken stud in the side of my head. It was like that when I bought it and I've been dreading it ever since. Well, after hunting all the local auto parts stores, with prices ranging form $35 to $65 I found one at the local mom and pop hardware store for right around $35. I wanted a 2nd opinion so I asked the counterperson if the drill bit an employee handed me would work with the tap in the heli-coil kit. She said it would, so I went home drilled it out, and pulled the tap out of the kit. To my complete dismay, the fu*kin' thing fell right inside the hole without any effort. It clearly wasn't the right size drill bit for the tap, and i was pissed. In the end I used a hardened steel bolt with lots of patience and PB blaster(good 'ol PB.. eh bleach?) to form my own threads in the side of my head. It takes a little time and effort, but in the end it paid off because I saved almost $40. Moral of the story, dont listen to the inexperienced hardware store dipshits when it comes to a potentially expensive repair.

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...and 2 days ago when I was doing the same thing...this time for a small 4mm screw.


So I ask the 'fella' behind the desk at Autozone if they sell individual Helicoils and he said: "I aint never heard of nuthin' like that." ...just to find out they have them on the shelves....:confused:

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i wont use a heli-coil. i just drill and tap.if you drill straight enough you can put the same size bolt back in after tapping the hole. if you need to go bigger then i just use the next size tap. finding the right size tap/drill bit/helicoil is no fun. i never thought they worked that great anyway and you have to make the hole that much bigger for them. you want the hole or tap size as small as posibly or as close to original so you dont have to make the hole bigger in the part your putting on. oh, use cobalt bits if you can from tool town ect. i tried the wal-mart titanium bits and they are junk. cobalt rulz!! can you say alnico.:)

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Guest DatsuNoob

yeah, it seems hard to find experienced help at autoparts or hardware stores who know what the hell they're talking about. Lots of times you'll get a teenage, head scratching Special Olympics candidate who probably didnt even graduate, or the obnoxious gum chewing high school girl who'd rather text message Suzy about so and so, rather than "help" you, when you should have just asked someone on a forum who's dealt with the same problem you're trying to fix. I guess that's the kind of service to expect when the place is only paying minimum wage.

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Morons auto parts people.. One guy, I brought back my remanufactured 300zx 4 piston caliper because one of the Bolt Holes for the caliper was stripped out, there was literally like 3 Threads on the thing, they were only there obviously because the bolt stopped there. Anyway I show it to him, and he looks at me and says, "Well the Caliper Bolts are tapered anyway."

I look at him and say "What!" start scratching my head and then follow up with "Listen, just SEND THIS ONE BACK! and call me when the new one gets here. People should have to have a license to breed.

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The helicoil kits I have had the correct drill bit size clearly marked on the packaging. I buy that kind of stuff from industrial supply places usually. Tacoma Screw and place like that. They know what they are talking about AND they sell quality stuff. 99% of the drill bits out there barely drill a hole in wood. I buy cobalt bits from Hall Tool and they work very well.


For auto parts, I only shop at Napa and Baxter's, unless I'm in a bind. If I go to Schucks, I show up with part numbers and do a stock check before I leave the house. They don't pay their people enough for them to give a shit about doing a good job.


Side note. Schuck's had a job fair a couple weeks ago. I am currently looking for a job, so I went. I applied for a store manager job. They pay their store managers ~$35k/year. It's no wonder no one knows much, their counter people are at poverty level.

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I'll second Tacoma Screw, I love going in there but rarely have a good excuse.

Only go there when I need the 'right' bolts....got my intake, exhaust studs and heli-coils there.


As for shucks I always find what I need on partsamerica.com and print it out. Partsamerica.com even beats the employee discount ;)

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