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2.5 TT Supera

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I found my eldest boy and his mom talking out in the yard and asked what was up. My wife is reading a traffic ticket he got yesterday. Seems a buddy of his works for a car importer (didn't click the first time) and him and some friends were delivering them about 75 miles to another city. Well they got caught speeding by a ghost car and he got a ticket and license suspended for 15 days, and the cars were impounded. I started to freak about street racing and he said no they were just following each other and going fast and the ticket wasn't for racing, no speed specified on the ticket, only for unsafe driving. I asked how fast and he said at least 200kph, so I asked why and he said it was a 2.5 TT Supera and couldn't hold it back. (CLICK!!!) So I asked if the steering was on the other side and he just says yeah. Holy Shit!!! So you guys were driveng JDM imports down the highway? He says yeah, this is the third time he's done this. Did you get payed for this? Who cares he said and grins, wouldn't you?. (I would indeed!!) So I says to him, any chance of driving one of these cars on the next delivery? (wife frowns, I grin, son has a $360 ticket to pay and a story worth 3 times that)

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Kilometers X 0.621 = miles. Also his mom was standing right there so I know he knocked some off. Nothing on the ticket so it wasn't recorded. I was pissed that he was doing this stuff, but mostly that he didn't tell me before hand. I asked if he drove a Skyline and he just said yup. Said the Toyota lit the tires leaving the lot pretty good so later at a stop he gave it a serious roasting. That after 120 (mph) in that, it made the rest of life seem like it was on pause.


I would so love to drive one of those Skylines, even without pay! Jeff, he said they went for around $8,000 CDN for one. Damn.

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