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theres 2 types. one type goes under the under the window rubber and the other type screws right into the hatch.


sounds like you have the screw in type.




OP ,,,

you will end up drilling your hatch and screwing them in.

or drilling your hatch and riveting them in lol.

Even installing a few thread-certs in the hatch lol.

Something along those lines



Long story short ,,, your hatch is gonna take the shit end of the stick.

Make sure to try to seal the holes/screws/bolts/etc as best you can so it doesn't start leaking in water and killing your hatch/hatch sill/etc with water/moisture.

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I'm not sure if this is the drill in one because it fits the window perfect, also that top hinge looks rounded to fit the window, but there are those two holes at the bottom of it. I'm not sure, I scored these for $20 so no big deal. If they're the window rubber ones how do I put them under the rubber?


***I think I might have figured it out, looks like I need two little pieces for the bottom that go into the window rubber, anyone know where to get those and how to install

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