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  1. Haven't been able to touch anything for about a year. My friend let me borrow his fatlace wheels so I can get alignment with specs I wouldn't mind running. Plan on putting in work during spring break but well see how that goes. F:15x8.5 -6 205-50 R:15x9.5 0 225-50
  2. Been a long time since I've posted pics of the Z. Little progress has been made but I'm hoping that'll change soon. I took the car for a cruise with a bunch of friends and fell in love all over again. I need to rebuild the carbs, clean the fuel tank, and get alignment. I'm hoping my car will be ready for the track afterwards. I would really like to get the car legit enough to track at Leguna Seca in the future but I have no idea what it takes. If anyone on here can steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. All sorts of epicness on this page :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  4. Are those authentic te37v?
  5. I wouldn't say Datsun got it wrong in the 70s, they came out with a timeless design. The stock 240z will always look good, well IMO. Performance wise they are balanced perfectly, but mo power is mo better. Excited to see the end result on the project though! Looks like you guys know what you're doing. :thumbup:
  6. Keep doing your thing Alex, your car is awesome. Thanks for all the advise! I got my car on the road again with extended lcas. Crazy how much more lock I get. Can't wait to see your Z in person some day.
  7. Is that a 69 camaro next to your Z?
  8. Yes I have everything out, I'll give that a try tomorrow!
  9. Damn I took the lca off the car already. I guess I'll keep trying to pound them off.haha
  10. I'm updating the front suspension the front suspension on my 240z. I was wondering how to get the steering knuckles off my old ball joints so I can put them on my new ones? I tried hammering them off but no luck. Also do the steering knuckles have seals I should be worried about?
  11. Officially my favorite 240z. Really jealous. :thumbup:
  12. Are those rotas? They look good on your car!
  13. M240Z

    Datsun Parts LLC

    That's the exact information I wanted to hear guys, thanks! I just thought I needed the max adjustment because my weld in caber plates aren't exactly identical, and I'm tired of driving the car with no alignment. :crying: I definitely did not intend on getting a crap product, I was just wondering what my alternatives were. I've been reading up on datsunparts today and people don't speak highly of it, so that is out of the question. So FutoFab ftw. I do intend on auto xing my Z so it's good to hear he runs his product!
  14. M240Z

    Datsun Parts LLC

    Woah, 4 inches of adjustability in the LCA, not the tension rod. That would be crazy.haha Two inches in and out from stock, for more or less camber. Very similar to the Arizona Z car set up. Futofabs only have about an inch of adjustability, but I like that design a lot.
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