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WTB=80 210 2-door Left Fender and Door

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Why do you want a '80 fender? Your car is a '79 (unless someone swapped the whole front end), and the '80 fenders are significantly different. You'd have to change both fenders, the grille, and the headlight buckets to use the '80-82 version (1979 210s are unique). 80-82 210s have square headlights with the side markers forming the end caps.


This link gives you an idea of the difference:


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Really? Cause I was just goin off of the production date stamp on the doorjam. It was built in the 10th month of '79. And as I understood anything manufactured after the 7th month is the next model year. Thanks for the info.


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Normally I'd say that'd be the case, but what does the title say? Or more apt, if it still has the original emissions tag that'd say too. There's a lot of differences in trim between '79 and 80, and interior differences too. Different taillights, etc. Which engine does it have? They made 3 different ones for 210s (A14, A15, and A12a) but '79 only had the A14.

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Aparently it is an 80. My sister says that is what the title says. I bought the car off of her and havent got around to changing it over. The motor is A12a I think. The tag says 1200cc or so. I do know it is gutt-less for sure. It has had body work done before but I doubt that the whole nose was changed. I will do some more snooping to find out for sure.

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I was mountain biking today and saw a 4 door 210 for sale. It was made in 4/80 and conformed to the 80 emmision crap. And it had the differend grill and tail lights. It had square headlights and chrome less bigger tail lights. Was there a difference in the 210 from the 2-4 doors? This has me puzzeled. I need to take mine to that car and see if the front fenders are the same.

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They won't be- the side corner markers made the fenders different. They'll bolt on, I suppose. Yours is an odd duck. It should have the same front end and taillights as that '80 4-door. Nissan switched EVERYTHING to sqaure headlights for 1980 except the ZX. But you have an '80 engine, hood, and paperwork, but '79 fenders, bumper and trim.


It's possible, though highlly unlikely, that someone swapped that over because they liked the '79 look. Or, Nissan didn't swap over the "facelift" parts quite as fast on the 210 as everything else.

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Pumpkin you should post where you are from so we know where we might have to ship the parts to. We try to get everyone to file out the location so it shows up in the upper right hand of every post. Thanks


If you live in Tacoma you should check out Pull-a-Part that place can be a gold mine for guys like you and Doug :D

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I Love Pull-A-Part! I am planing on going there like tuesday. I got some suspension to look for too. I leaned up against my drivers side pop out and broke it out so I gotta find one of those too. For now it is screen door plexi.

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