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Cold start issues maybe?


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So I am having issues with by 78 B210 Automatic.

When the car is cold and I let it warm up (turn the car on and is high accelerated) for 2-3 minutes before driving it it drives great (once is warm and its decelerated).

But then when I use it during the day and the car does not need to warm up (turn the car on and the acceleration is normal) the carburetor has a hard time keeping up and it shots down.

Any ideas what is going on?

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Yes, sounds like a choke problem.


Could be usage. Are you following the owner's manual instructions?




The best way to adjust the choke is:

  1. Set it (engine fully cold) just tight enough to just close the choke completely when tthe throttle is opened. Since it depends on outside temperature, adjust summer and winter if necessary.
  2. Then warm the engine up. Blip the throttle occasionally to let the choke open as the spring warms. If, when the engine is fully warm, the choke hasn't completely opened, there is a problem. Check the spring on the choke. If it don't have enough 'spring', by a new electric one. It's just wired to the IGN (full +12V, before ballast resistor).
  3. Note the single mark on the cover. Normally it is lined up in the center, and in the winter a mark or two tighter. Loosen the screws to turn this. YOUR CORRECT ADJUSTMENT WILL PROBABLY NOT BE THE CENTER MARK

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