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67 Datsun RL411 R16 complete suspension bushing kit frustrations/ Motor mount rubbers

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Im looking for a complete suspension bushing kit with no luck for the RL411 anyone know where to get one or another complete compatiable kit any info would be appreciated im mainly concerned about the front end but a complete kit would kill my frustrations thanks again



P.S. Anyone know where to get some replacement motor mount rubber or another compatiable source for this application

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Try Dean @ Datsun Parts..........some of the parts may interchange...datsunparts.com/Suspension-Kits-and-Packages....also you can re-pour your motor mounts with urethane rubber, I used this product...energysuspensionparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=DIYMMI

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Try www.suspension.com. This is Suspension Restoration Parts Co, 319C Motor City Court, Modesto CA 95358.


They stocked tie rod boots for 411s, part number 9-13103 and ball joint boots part number 9-13119 about 2 years aggo. Don't know what other parts they have, boots were all I was looking for. Happy hunting!


For what it's worth, the above parts were noted as interchangeable with MG-TC parts.

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there really arent bushings on the front end. the upper and lower arms are on bushings. the have the old school styl scew on caps that are captive to the cross shaft. the bushings that make it so you dont feel the shock of the road is on the front craddle/crossmember.

this isnt the datsun ones but same design





the only rubber on them is a dust seal that you can see in this pic. wich you can make out of some heater hose or small radiator hose. it just slips over to keep dust out cause they hae to greased liberally to help the threads not gal as they move.


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