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Its hot, Im weak and I want AC. What are you guys doing for A/C In your z cars? Its a 240z that originally had factory AC but I yanked it since it didnt work and was dead weight basically. Now Im seeing the errors of my ways and want to go back to having ac in the car. What are you guys doing for it? Is there some system I can hook up into it?

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You mean a swap cooler? Those were popular on old american cars, guess they would work on a VW too.


Best bet for a 240Z is find someone who is selling the whole works, and bolt it up with a new dryer, take it to an A/C shop for charging. Easy as 1,2,3. Find, install, charge.

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My 260z had factory air conditioning but the previous owner was too stupid to be able to fix it and he yanked all the engine bay parts. Since 280z often has A/C I went to a parts yard and got the parts. Start at the 2 row pulley and condensor and work your way back to the HVAC controls. Forget about the Vacuum Canister and the solenoids for Fidle and use your choke lever to idle up. One thing you want to do is swap your blower motor for a 90s kia sportage one at a junkyard. You have to modify the mounting point but it puts out a lot more air. Most blower motors turn the opposite way so not all of them will work like the kia unit. If you have the money go with the aftermarket modern kit, if not, you cant beat bolt on used parts. You want the drier new anytime the lines are open. Good luck.

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