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  1. Pleadingbark

    Any Pics of S30 running WITH OUT front fenders

    You should do that, then make some covers to go over the wheels, sorta like fenders. \ Just do it in the areas around the tires
  2. Pleadingbark

    My S30

    Starting my conversion to become a formula 1 car! Parts everywhere!
  3. Pleadingbark

    My S30

    Its little remote control brother on the top with the same wheels, painted safari gold. Hanging out with a couple other datsuns Drove randomly to work on a nice day Filling up on some dino-juice At Z-nats next to by buddies 280z. May recognize those wheels.....
  4. Pleadingbark

    My S30

    what would you like of? I did take apart and clean the front turn signals
  5. Pleadingbark

    My S30

    So I've not updated this in a while, mainly due to it just looking like this: I started getting angrier and angrier with the hood looking like shit so I manned up and threw down a bunch of dollars. Heres how the car looks as of January 4th 2014 Heres how it looks today: Lots planned for it. Its gonna be a fun one! I love this car.
  6. Pleadingbark

    432 Replica Grilles

    I like it.
  7. Pleadingbark

    My S30

    Cleaned up the carbs, thinking im gonna respray the valve cover in black with yellow letters
  8. Pleadingbark

    My S30

  9. Pleadingbark

    My S30

    Aww yeah! Vintage tag frame!
  10. Pleadingbark

    Do it in a Datsun License Frame

    Anyone still doing these by chance??
  11. Pleadingbark

    Best way to clean out a fuel tank - 77 280z

    What do you drain the gas into? How much gas would be in it at about a quarter tank?
  12. Pleadingbark


  13. Pleadingbark


    Where you get sim carbon at?
  14. Pleadingbark

    My S30

    MSA brackets, 85-88 maxima calipers and 280zx rotors

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