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Probably been asked before but probably will be again


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Got my fresh motor in my '79 620. Want to go with an electric fan. Have a shiny new water pump with no pulley. WHERE do I find a pulley? What pulley will fit? Don't need the ol' fan clutch and can't fit the electric fan in there with the clutch sticking out anyway. Squeez-Me? What do I do?



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If by some chance you have the old motor and the old clutch fan you can slice the clutch part off. Just don't trim too close to the pulley. I've done 2 or 3 and you have to use a cut off saw or w/e and slice pieces off until you can get in there and cut it off clean about 1/8" in front of the pulley.

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Thanks, I have a new water pump with a fan clutch but it ain't shiny. Oh well. I'm dying to get my truck moving so I'll just trim it and spin it. I plan to paint my King Cab Allice Chalmers Persan Orange No. 2 so if I need to touch up I can go down to Tractor Supply and get a raddle can ready match.

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