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5 speed dog leg

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(yes ggzilla this is an a series dogleg, but it's the only picture of a dogleg with all the switches that I have)



There are three possible switches. Only the Canadian '77 200sx had the neutral switch located high up on the right rear of the tailstock just forward of the shifter. All 200sx doglegs have the 'Top Gear' switch located low down and to the front of the tailstock. (lower right in the picture above) and all had the reverse light switch located just above the top gear switch in the middle.


The HL510, besides having a reverse lamp switch, had a top gear switch through '79 with the L motor and from '80 on with the Z series motor had only the neutral switch.

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That reverse light switch can be found in all the 240z through 280zx non turbo, B-210, HL510, 200sx through '86, '74 and up 620 4 and 5 speeds, 810/Maximas gas or diesel, 720 4 and 5 speed gas or diesel trucks. Yards are full of them.

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