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Another headlight question and no spark

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Building my car and started doing the wiring. My headlights are on when the switch is off as well as my tailights one pull out on the switch and they turn off and in between the second and third pull they flicker on then off when the switch is all the way out. I tried a different switch and same problem occurred. As well as 3 different headlight relays. Also my blinkers only sometimes work. Bad ground somewhere? Any ideas are appreciated. Also my car wouldn't start today so I pulled a plug wire and no spark. Pertronix ignition coil was hot I ran it yesterday to see if the temp gauge worked and it ran great. May be just a bad coil but it has. Barely run. Would it matter that I have had to recharge the battery a few times with my car?

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headlight on with the switch off?

Is this a fancy H4 housing? older European lamps sometimes the housing is grounded to one of the lamp leads thus putting the lamp on. If your positive the wiring is stock this is the proeplem.

510 will have 12volt to all the 3 prones whwn the switch is off. This is a switchable ground type circut common on early Jap cars/trucks.


I can see a fuse box being bad. Either its routing power to the harness or not. Is there 12volts on all 3 prongs.Hopefully yes. Hard to toruble shoot a unknowharness but its my best guess from far away.



Pertronix are design to run the stock coil and ballast resisitor only . Id yu have a point coil and removed the ballast the coil will get hot as its not design to run on a straight 12-14volts. This could pop a pertronix or Unilites its in the instruction to use the stock set up or ohm equivilant. I have had them for over 12years and never had a module pop. Only the magnet rings wear out.

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