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  1. Thanks Mike! so if the angle was more extreme (hypothetically) then all it would affect is spring rate, but in this case it doesn't affect it because angle change is so small. They must have moved the mount to accommodate the caliper position.
  2. The PO of my car welded disk brake conversion brackets (i believe 200sx but i could be wrong) to my rear trailing arms. While they were at it they moved the mounting point for the coilover forward, and relocated the mointing point in the strut tower about a 1/2 " behind the stock location. Im not sure if they did this to accommodate their caliper mounting location or to attempt to improve the geometry of the suspension. Has anyone every seen coilovers relocated to this mounting point? thoughts on whether it improves the rear geometry or makes it worse? I'm not planning on changing anything
  3. You are correct sir! after looking at pics of stock 240sx install there is a little ground clip on the bracket, I will ground this, thanks you!
  4. I meant to say crank position sensor which would be located on the bell housing on s14 KA. But after writing that I quickly realized that would not be the case because everything I am using is s13, i was merely running through my head everything that came on a stock KA that I would not be using, but obviously not applicable in this case. Thanks for the reply though, any idea what the connector is? i am leaning towards a ground, the wire connected to it is black with Silver?/White dots, but obvioulsy not just going to ground something that i don't know what it is. or if someone can tell me w
  5. I’m thinking crank angle sensor? which I don’t have so I can leave unplugged
  6. Finishing up the wiring on my 72 510 KA swap s13 harness. I can’t figure out what the black plug on the right in the pic plug goes to. The FSM labels this and another plug as the f30 plug which both say ignition coil. There is only one connection on the ignition coil which fits the other plug labeled as f30 perfectly. If anyone knows where this goes let me know. Thank you so much guys.
  7. Thank you! I must have been looking at 71 FSM. i appreciate it.
  8. I’m finishing up the wiring on my 72 KA swap and cannot find this plug on my wiring for the life of me. I have been starring at it for a half an hour. Thank you guys so much!
  9. All right thanks guys just Got a little worried
  10. Just hit a huge pothole and my oil pressure dropped from 30 at idle to like 15. It only gets up to like 50 when The rpms get higher. Thought I cracked the pan or something but there isn't really any oil leaking anywhere. The pan got dented but only like a half inch. The engine sounded ok and I had to drive for like 2 miles before I could pull over. Pickup for the gauge is fine oil pan Not leaking oil filter not leaking. I just did a heagasket and the things been running great. The gauge could have went but it seems unlikely. I'm running no air cleaner (waitin on my itg) and there was some grav
  11. hey guys. i don't really know if i have an actual problem but maybe a few tips are in order. Just started driving my car after building it for 2 years and in the mornings or when its been sitting for few days it just doesn't want to start. so much so that i can drain the battery starting it. I have a choke and the thing runs great when it finally starts and warms up and when its warm it starts right up. I got new plugs and my engine ground is all clean and good. any words of wisdom?
  12. that actually makes sense i never switched my fuse box from 69 to seveties
  13. Building my car and started doing the wiring. My headlights are on when the switch is off as well as my tailights one pull out on the switch and they turn off and in between the second and third pull they flicker on then off when the switch is all the way out. I tried a different switch and same problem occurred. As well as 3 different headlight relays. Also my blinkers only sometimes work. Bad ground somewhere? Any ideas are appreciated. Also my car wouldn't start today so I pulled a plug wire and no spark. Pertronix ignition coil was hot I ran it yesterday to see if the temp gauge worked an
  14. lookin for a set of black or blue 2dr door panels in decent shape. pm me with what ya got thanks. danny
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