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Retrofitting Solid State Dimmer Switch


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Since my B is a 76, its got the old heat-type dimmer rheostat. i have two solid state ones from a 210 sitting here, not getting used. I just need to know how to wire up the newer style rheostat in place of the old one. basically i need a pinout. I'm not doing it because i think it will make my lights brighter, i just like solid state electronics in my car if i can help it. And i'd rather not have something that says "caution: hot" under my dash around a lot of other wires. I'm assuming the one perpendicular to the other two goes to a ground source since i've taken it apart and its connected to the ground plane inside. the other two tabs are my problem. Since its solid state and there is a Mosfet and transistors inside, one has to be the input and one has to be the output. I just need to know which one is which. And i'd like to know if its any different for a '72 240z since its actually in need of a new dimmer.

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Looks like the bottom Green Red goes back to the light switch and is powered when the switch is pulled out. The upper one Black appears to be the ground. The perpendicular one to the others, is a Green Blue wire that goes to all lamps and provides a ground return for these lamps.


I have doubts that this can be easily connected. The old style has only two wires, the newer one has three.

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