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Factory 720 paint codes for 85-86.5

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Well i am no expert or anything but if i remember right, 720's only came in 3 different interior colors right? So i am thinking....


G = Grey ( Which is actually black with gray trim)

B = Blue

C = ?? has to be the tan color interior (so i am assuming "C" stands for Camel) what else could it stand for....right?

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# 106  Blue Mist Metallic


B, C and G are codes for upholstery trim. B=Blue, C=Brown and G= Black.

Paint codes of... White #002 and Dark Blue #518 also use the same upholstery trim.


If your color code is  #355 that's a complementary two tone with #106 and #518 (Blue Mist Metallic and Dark Blue)


Thanks, had to look this up so we both learned something.

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On 10/8/2021 at 5:58 PM, Datsun pickup said:

Does anyone know how to fix a leak underneath the cowl cover on the passenger side? It is leaking pretty bad onto the floor.


It could be several things including a bad windshield rubber seal or a rusted seam. But lets hope it's this as it's easy to fix...


Remove the wiper arms from the pivots, unscrew the louvered plenum cover and remove. Use a flashlight and look in that right side corner and you'll see the opening for the air inlet to the heater fan. It has a small raised lip to keep water out but over past it to the outside is a drain hole for trapped water. This is easily blocked by debris that falls through the louvers, such as pine needles and maple keys. Clear that drain and the water won't collect and spill down the inlet.


This drain empties behind the right fender in front of the top door hings

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On 1/22/2022 at 5:23 PM, Datsun pickup said:

I fixed the leak by caulking the raised lip, because water was dripping down into the heater fan through the base of the raised lip.


Check that the cowl drains are not obstructed by pine needles and maple keys.

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5 minutes ago, Datsun pickup said:

Does anyone know how to shut off the interior dome light on Nissan 720? It won’t shut off when the drivers door is open.


The King Cab interior lamp has a three position switch that can be turned on with the door shut, turned on when the door is open or you can select OFF. I would guess that if you get one from a King Cab you may be able to fit it to your truck.

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