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Maybe a dumb question, but are there glass shops still making/stocking windshields and windows for 510's? I called a couple places and they told me they couldn't get them anymore. So if you wan tto put in new glass for your driver and passenger doors (2 door) and front and back, where do you go? Or are there other newer models of cars that are compatible? I searched around the site for a while but didn't find anything, so sorry if it's posted and I missed it.



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If you have flat side windows [or had them once], they are simple laminated safety glass. Glass shops should have panes of flat laminated safety glass that they can cut to shape, round off the edges and install. If you need the newer heat treated non laminated [it will burst into glass confetti] that came on late model vehicles you may have a hard task ahead of you [AKA SOL]. Laminated safety glass anyone?

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