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510 Adjustable LCA's

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ok I have 2 sets of adjustable LCA's fresh from the powdercoated, both sets are powdercoated gloss black, have brand new heim joints that are nylon lined, and metric drilled hi-misalignment spacers.


I should have some more next week( I ordered some more parts)


you can order them as a package or just the LCA's and you supply your hardware.



parts are located in Battle ground,wa



price is 200.00 shipped with a core, if you do not have a core there will be a 50.00 extra charge so 250.00 total. when I receive teh cores I will credit you the 50.00. I have paypal, so I will just credit your paypal account back when I receive the cores.


If you are local let me know, and if I have an open bay in my shop we can swap them out. They dont really take that long to swap out.





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At first I was like heyyy!

Then I noticed that the two top pieces look as if the ends were welded in crooked.


Then I looked at my camera and remembered lens distortion.

Then I was like...


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