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watanabe f8?

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15x6.5 with a +25 offset will fit on a 510 with small spacers .... . it won't be "Hella-Flush" ..... . and you will need 10-15mm spacers just to clear 510 struts


you might need bigger spacers with 280zx struts ...... . . it would look good with a slotted/adjustable rear crossmemeber.. (or 25mm spacers and stock rear camber)




I still don't understand why people buy 4 wheels when they don't "know" exactly what their car will/should look like when it's done


.... I reccomend buying one wheel until you have you suspension set exactly how you want it forever .... then buy one tire and some spacers

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Don't know what it is about Wats, but they do look better than minilites, which in turn look better than all the other clones.


Too me, minilites are pretty ugly, love Wats and Panasports, Konig knockoff is too close to the minilites, and I like the Rota's for being so cheap.

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