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Dual Side Draft Manifold for KA24DE and side draft K&N filters

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I have had this manifold laying around for a while, figured somebody could put it to good use. It is a stock KA manifold that was cut and then had a flange welded on to mount dual side draft carbs to it. It came with the KA that I purchased a few years ago. I originally intended on using it but went another direction. Would be perfect for anybody wanting to run dual side drafts on a twin cam KA. Also comes with some linkage parts.


I also have a pair of K&N filters for side draft carbs. Some of the fins are a little bent, but could be easily straightened. Otherwise in great shape.


I'm asking $100 obo plus shipping for the manifold sold! and $40 plus shipping for the filters.















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Dual sidedraft carburetors do not require a computer.


Unless you use TWM ITB's ;) but I think what he was going for was that the dohc ka needs something to run ignition since they don't run traditional distributors I believe. So if doing carbs you need a standalone ecu to run the ignition or the TWM ITB's.

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