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Old racing tricks?

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I'm just wondering if there is a resource ou there that lists anything people used to do on the cheap to race their cars? Suspension mods, engine tweaks, whatever that didn't cost alot of money. Figured it could give all of us some good ideas. Stuff like datzenmike said about filling the stock struts with thicker oil or home made strut bars.


I know there are grassroots circuits and lemon racing leagues out there-they should be full of ideas!


Maybe we should just list ideas?

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The oldest, most successful trick is: build the engine bigger. Larger bore pistons and/or longer stroke crank. More CCs will always win over rod length, bore/stroke ratio or other minor factors. Unless you get caught with an engine too big for your racing class.


Most tricks are high-dollar very expensive. It's the reason why Budweiser and Ferarri were so dominant. They spend a fortune on very very small tricks to gain the racer's edge.

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should have expected those answers! I'm talking after you put all the stickers, flames, racing stripes and other HP :-P



The formula for calcuating spring rates when cutting springs is a good example.


I reallly need to work on the mailbox hoodscoop and 2x10 rear spoiler... NEON...MORE NEON LIGHTS MAKE ME GO FASTER!!!!!!!!!!

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If you're going for endurance racing, in the 1950s and 60s we would deflate and refill our tires with dry nitrogen, a recently "rediscovered" trick. Tires run cooler [nitrogen has greater thermal conductivity than mixed atmospheric air] and for the long run no moisture to rot the rubber from the inside. The ultimate tire coolant is a totally impractical helium fill, used to cool ballistic missile inertial measurement units. Best thermal conductivity, but will find every minute pin hole.

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