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1969 521 j13 upgrading carb..


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It's possible to fit a Weber on there; I've seen a 32/36 DGV on a J13 but it's a tight fit alongside the valve cover for the choke assembly. You will need an adapter plate. It's possible that the Weber 32/36 DFV (which is a mirror of the DGV) might fit better since the choke is on the other side, but I don't know. Either way will require some fudging with the throttle cable since the J13 uses some weird multi-link setups on some years. You would need to jet it down because the 32/36 is a bit large for a J13.


I believe the Weber 32/34 DFT would fit the original manifold with no adapter but those carbs are next to impossible to find and almost harder to find a rebuild kit for than the Nikki which is about impossible to find parts for itself.


Another way to go is to use a MGB manifold, but the steering may give you clearance issues. The MGB manifolds were side-draft, but there is a limited aftermarket for them wheras the Datsun J-series has no aftermarket at all.

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I would use an A14 carburetor, since it is an excellent carburetor (find one that is not worn out). With this carburetor the A14 makes 80, so will be an upgrade to the smaller carburetor on the J13. It also has superior economy. Also the stock jetting will work OK on a J13.

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The issue with using the A14 Hitachi is the base bolt pattern is smaller than the J-base bolt pattern. The J-base bolt pattern is identical to the L-series, at least on the 3 J-engines I have. I will note that none of my J-series engines had Nikki carbs (all had Hitachis originally) which were the more uncommon of the 2 J-series carbs in the US.

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Yes, whether a Weber or A14 carburetor, you will need an adapter/spacer.


In that case you might go with the Hitachi DCH from a later L16 or L20B. This is a bit smaller than a Weber DGV, so might go very well as the DGV is too large for smooth operation.


I see that the 1970s Hitachis are superior to 1960s Hitachis.

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I mounted up a DFV onto the E1 in the NL when I had it. Like Datsunaholic said about the J series....the bolt pattern is the same as the L series. Linkage wasn't really an issue since there was still a cable from the firewall to the linkage. I did a simple mod to a 521 cable(I think there's pics in my NL320 build thread near the end) so that I could use that with the weber. The E1 had a Nikki on it originally. I only got to drive it a few times before Wayno bought it, but it sure ran a lot better!!!! Wish I would have done it a couple of years earlier!!! I almost didn't want to sell it after I put the carb on.....but Wayno and I made the deal while I was putting the carb on. I'm still happy with the decision :)

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