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Its been a while


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Hey guys!


Its been a while since Ive been able to work on my 521. School has taken up most of my time. But, since its been break I've been able to pull out the old thing and warm it back up. Before I parked it 4 or 5 months ago I REALLY went through it. I cleaned the engine bay. Pulled out most of the entire interior and scrubbed and cleaned. Im pretty happy with it.


Im in the middle of a few options:


Sell it for school. (Breaks my heart thinking about it)


Or, find a way to hold onto it and continue to fix it. (I like this one better)


So heres to scoop.

FIRST! Im in the bay area. So if anyone is around or know where I can get help, let me know.

If I do this, I want to do it right. It needs some real body work. (somewhat big hit on the front by the right headlight) and the bed has a good red rust color. Ive been wanting to pull the whole bed off and clean the frame underneath. Also it needs new exhaust from start to end. I have a pretty strong feeling theres a rusted out hole in the pipes right under my feet. I feel like it might be a better idea to get the whole exhaust kit. from block to end. Ive put in new suspension about 8 months ago but its still feeling a little sloppy. (thats a 521 right?) I need to find some new rear bumpers. One of them got pretty heavily tweaked.

As for the interior, It needs a new windshield. Its FOGGY, almost dangerously foggy. Is there anywhere I can get somewhat fresh glass? The driver and passenger windows need new felt going around them. Im waiting for the day they explode in my lap from rattling around. THE DASH! Jeez, ok... So personally I like it. Its clean except for the top. Its worse than the grand canyon. I think it gives it some personality and patina. But, Id like this thing to be a little more clean than it is now.


So! for the big body project the first thing I want to figure out is what the color is that I have. Along with if I can still get it and how hard it would be.


In the end, I guess I'm looking at a restoration. Im pretty excited for it.



On the way home today I blew a hole in a radiator hose going to the heater core. Almost overheated only a few blocks from house but seemed to make it safely.

I need to go grab something from an auto shop tomorrow. Got lucky on that one...









Since the photo I've blacked the wheels and put on some white walls. It looks pretty damn good.



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Nice truck. The sound you hear from beneath your feet may be the exhaust flange gasket. Just a couple of bucks at the auto parts store. The bigger problem is getting the rusty, corroded studs to let go of that nut that has been on there for god only knows how many years.


From what I can see in the pics your bumpers look fine. The bracket needs straightening. You can do that easily with a big bench vise, some heat and a BFH. Maybe a giant crescent wrench will help too.


I believe you truck color is called "Seafoam Green".

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