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I need new heater core hoses for my 79" 210 wagon

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Last year in the "How to" section I put a write up on fabricating preformed hoses for the 410 / 411 heater, both half inch, using available hoses and brass fittings from Home Depot. Your routing will differ but take a look, I'm sure you can cut, rotate and fit the hoses I used to fit your routing.

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I couldn't find the molded hoses anywhere. Ended up just using standard heater hose, I got more than I thought I would need, connected to the heater core first then routed through the holders leaving enough slack to not collapse the hose where it bends. Also really had to stretch out the end on the hot side. http://m.flickr.com/photo.gne?id=6654243469&s=23124292&sig=fb407765990a863e59a3655e8b1faa89&time=1325962614

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