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5 Speed trans

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I am looking for a 5 speed L motor transmission that is in good shape. I would highly prefer it to be in the Portland area or very close to Portland. I will pay cash but would like to barter/trade as I have many Datsun parts that I would like to get rid of.



Please pst me Via the forums or email me at derick dot jahnke at gmail dot com

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hey mike, the ad says 81-83 zx 5speed. is that the one with the high fifth gear? $50 sounds like a killer deal


Yes, IF from an '81-'83 non turbo. Visually this transmission would also look like a similar year Maxima too.


'81-'83 (non turbo) the overdrive is..... 0.745 or 25.5% drop over 4th gear.

'80 zx overdrive is................................... 0.773 or just under 23% drop over 4th gear.

'79 zx overdrive is................................... 0.864 or 13.6% drop over 4th gear.


Yes, it is a super killer deal.

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And my time avoiding freeways continues.....Thanks for the heads up on the post but someone got to it before me :(


So I should add I am still in need of an L motor transmission.


Thank you



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I have a dog leg 5 speed from a 78 200sx (had an l20) car was running with less than 180K miles when pulled. I bought it for my truck but found out they are shorter than the truck 5 speed. Would be willing to trade for truck 5 speed if you have one.

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