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My 72 510 sedan


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Hello everybody!


New to the forums. New to 510's but I've always had a thing for them. I bought this car from a guy in memphis that had owned it for 10 yrs. I needed a dd because I blew up my hybrid Subaru swap :/ So I figured a 40 yr old car would be totally practical lol. But I've fallen in love with it. I've put at least 4k miles on it since October. Here's some details:


L20B balanced, blueprinted and bored .40 over (about 25k since build)

32/36 progressive Weber carb

stock 4 speed

electronic ignition conversion (from a 200sx I believe)

eibach springs (front struts cut and lowered about 2 inches)

Ground Control sway bars front and rear

urethane bushings through out

Western mini-lite 14x5.5

battery relocated to trunk







playing with wheel color since they all need to be repainted. Leaning towards all black





big thanks to fuzz's 71 510 for the driveshaft. Car is sooooo much smoother now.

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This was my new years eve:



The battery kept dying so I pulled it, had it tested and came back bad. I replaced it and the battery died again. After searching around here I learned about the choke heater relay. Sure enough it was still wired in even though it wasn't being used. So I redid the wiring harness, pulled back any wire that wasn't being used, cleaned up all the connections and any place there was a butt connector I pulled it off and soldered and heat shrank the wires together. Car is back together and no more battery drain! I'm going to try to get better pics soon.


PS- I took a girl on a date in this car after I replaced the alternator and before I found out about the heater relay. I had to push start it out of her driveway laugh.gif

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didnt need to take the harness apart

Most guys just unplg the heater relay and thats it. Just use jumpers at the old volt reg or use the old volt reg connector side and jumper there. So if youwant to go back to stock. or use the newer EI alternator


Honestly, I wasn't sure which one was the heater relay but it looks a lot cleaner and gave me a good chance to really look things over and familiarize myself with the car. The old alternator was internally regulated so I didn't have to worry about a voltage regulator or anything, just made sure I replaced with another IR alt. smile.gif

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Sweet ride, I was thinking of doing the same thing with my datsun but I'm not savy with electrical so i'll put it on wait until I find someone with the know how and walk me through it. I know I can look at the manual and figure it out but I don't want the car sitting for months. :blink:.... Sucks about what happen when you went on your date...did she see you push the car out? That would suck even more.



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Thata funny. Haha clean car man! I'm considering trading or getting rid of my 2 door because I've kinda been wanting a 4 door. Yours is sick! What lip is that??


Thanks! Fortunately, someone pm'd and informed me what the lip was bc I didn't know:


They where made by a company called DOBI out of Los Angeles back in the early 90's. They come up once in while and the nice ones still have the rubber skirt on them that only DOBI made.

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