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  1. please update this build....
  2. what rims are these?! wow your build is nothing but epic.. love everything about it. keep it up bro bro
  3. <3 what a beautiful piece of machinery
  4. 510sAreHot


    I took your advice and added some more information
  5. 510sAreHot


    Make it a day trip :D
  6. my sister has an escort, and from my experience, those cupholders SUCK
  7. Thank you man, good way to put it.. i have always loved the watanabe look and will probably end up going that direction Of course, black them out ;)
  8. 510sAreHot


    I throws gas money!
  9. 510sAreHot


    Hey guys, I want someone to come to my house and install my wiring harness into my 510, money is included. I'm SERIOUS The install would be a stock harness for the engine, dash, and everything else! i have noticed on the harness, a few wires have been cut but the guy i bought it from said it should be fine. The dash is not in the car and i am missing some minor parts like the wiper and light switch All engine compartments are there,
  10. That's exactly what i want to do, let me know how they come out!
  11. yeah i am stubborn and really want my 510 to look kick ass and seats like that won't do it for me :lol: .. since i have a 4dr though i have no need in reclining seats
  12. just saw this picture and realized that they could look really cool in black, what do you think? i will only put black rims on my car.. i love the look for some reason. i have never seen black longchamps, And i am in need of new wheels
  13. haha Are all the racing seats pretty much the same? Recaro, Momo, Bride?
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