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gas smell in my 1200 problem solved


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so ever since I bought this car I have tried to trck down the gas smell I get at random times. Well after down shifting to 3rd on the free way and reving her out to 6500 to pass a truck I noticed when I got to work the gas smell was horrible.

I pop the hood look down and my fuel pump was wet with gas. I have checked the fuel pump several times making sure it was not weeping.

So I grabbed a screw driver tightened the screws (they where all half a turn out) no more leak and I have always had a flat spot in the torque curv and in the morning it took a little bit longer then it should to start. I could tell that as it sat over night all the fuel in the pump and line had drained back in the tank. Well now it start's right up and has no flat spot in the torque curv and no detonation. Win win and no gas smell for the tripple win!


So check the screws on your fuel pump mine showed no sign's of leeking but I could smell it.

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O showed you a pic befor. You must have forgot



It's 1200guy's old car

I don't know what they did to the a12 in this car but it screams . Thing's I know it has had done to are. 32/36 el distributor and and the fly wheel has ben lighten'd . Jerry said he got the engine from dan hall . He is a local guy that raced 1200 so who knows what is done to it .

Who knows maybe it is stock.

This thing is so fun in parking lots. Every one that has driven it is suprised when I pop the hood and there is not a l series in it.

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