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1991 sentra

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Worth 1k, not 2.


A decent se-r you can get for 2-2500 bucks. Theirs a turbo one up on cl in portland right now for 4k that looks stock off the floor. Not worth the price for a non se-r sentra. Now if it looked perfect off the show room with perfect interior then maybe.

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I was viewing on my phone and didnt see the boost gauge post. The guy doesnt say anything about turbo, but says there is a boost gauge? And wheres the pics on there. Even if it is turbo, turboing the 1.6 makes it only slightly faster than the sr20, so whats the point. If its turbo, price takes it to 1500 bucks, but crank seal leaking. I bet lynch woudl agree with me on the price.

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no turbo. no idea on the gauge. i went and drove 6 hours tonight to see it. its in ok shape at the least. chopped springs, chopped "short throw" shifter. matte black paint job that looks half ways decent from a block away. header, home made cold air intake, fart cannon. runs super good, and pulls decent. some nice looking 15 inch aftermarkt gold rims.


he also has a set of front kyb's, with eibach coils. not sure its worth what he wants.....


he also has some kind of aftermarket pulley set up thats not installed. also comes with stock 13 inch wheels, 2 14 inch steel wheels with snow tires, and 2 brand new 205/55/15's. i'd like those for my datsun.

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