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Axle identification needed (h165 or h190)


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I'm on the hunt for an h190 out of an 82+ 200sx to go into my b210. I found one at a junkyard and I just want to verify the axle is NOT an h165 before I go pulling it out. I did not have a ruler with me to measure the axle height which I hear is a sure way to find out. Would any of you be able to tell just from looking at the pics below if this is indeed an h190? I do realize that the he35 stands for the gear ratio of 3.5, which is not exactly what I wanted. I guess it would do for now as I could get a third member of 4.x+ later on. Any help is greatly appreciated.







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noted. Thanks. Also, am I crazy for wanting to go with the h190 out of the 200sx as it is 4 link for my b210? I want it because of 4 lug and disc brakes, but I do understand it's a bit wider and modifications are definitely needed such as cutting off un-needed mounts for coil springs and struts and making new mounts for struts on my b210.

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...and they said it bolted right in, no cutting. I have an '80 and '81 engine tag and they say HC and it is/was an H-165.


i did see the post of the guy who just recently swapped in a ka into his 310 and used an h165 which I believe bolted in without cutting as the 310 is 4 link, but I'm going to putting the h190 into a b210. I haven't seen a thread or seen anything online about someone doing a 200sx h190 swap in a b210, although I realize it likely has been done before many times.


One thing I was/am concerned with is how much wider the h190 would be versus the h150. For some reason I though the 310 had a wider axle than the b210, but apparently they're the same h150 axle.

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B210 has leaf springs, S110 has coil springs. So you will be doing some cutting somewhere.



H150 is not an axle -- is only the center differential.


Approximate widths of axle assembly:

* B210: 1305 mm

* B310: 1360 mm

* S110: 1372 mm

That makes it about 2 3/4" wider. Most guys use FWD-type offset wheels, so they tuck up under the B210 body. Well, most guys use the H190 rear axle assemebly from a 320 pickup, as it uses leaf springs and is narrower than the B210 unit. They use S110 if they want rear discs.

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The ID plate says HE


HC - H165

HD - H190

HE - H190

HF - H190A


Also for 1982 the S110 only came with H190




HG - H233 D21 Hardbody and WD21 Pathfinder


I had an '80 and '81 S110 and they are H-165. The '82-'83 with Z22 motors were H-190. All S110 had rear disc but the H-190 were more substantial looking.

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So I picked up that rear end with driveshaft and all, and it has been taking up space in my garage since. I haven't made time to get working on this project and have no plans to anytime soon. I'll be posting this for sale soon. I'm in San Antonio, TX if anyone is interested.

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