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Throw Out Bearing

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I have a question on the size... I pulled the auto out of my car and I'm putting in a Dogleg... My question is which T/O bearing do I put in? The tall one or the short one? I have both... 1 looks like it's about 2 inches tall and the other is about 1 1/4 - 1 1/2...





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You need the one that matches the TO collar. The TO collar must match the clutch size (and be correct with the transmission)


Basically, though, use the one that matches your clutch. If using a 200mm clutch, use a stock 510 one or the stock one from the dogleg (both had 200mm clutches). If using a 225mm truck clutch, well, don't know really other than the stock one won't work.

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I guess I should have explained a little better... I mean't the length of the collar... I have a Dogleg and it didn't have a T/O bearing... I took out an Auto so it didn't have one either(obviously)... I have both the short and the long collars... I just don't know which one will go on it... I have an 1800 with the stock clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel... I guess it is all 200mm?


Any suggestions



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Well according to the chart your 200mm dog leg would fall within the 8/'73 to 5/'79 range Part# 30501-OH600


Measure dimension A .... 48.5 mm (I think it's mm, can't be inches)

Dimension L ................ 24mm


Check against yours or order the proper one from dealer.

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