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want that 521 in the drip rail ebay forum!

allen dodson

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Guys and gals. On ebay the person with the drip rails for sale. Does anybody know who owns this pickup? He has a picture of the rear on a headlight trim rings on ebay also. That is the best looking 521 ive ever seen. I dont have the ebay account so i cant send the person a message. What do you guys and gals think? Can you help me contact this person?

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I wrote him Allen. Told him about Ratsun and he said he'd check it out. Though if he reads his drip rail thread he might not feel too welcome, and that is too bad cause it is a sweet ass truck!

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I am with you Five. Personally I don't think he is ripping anyone off. NOT that I think it is worth the price he is asking by a long shot. But he did mention it was plastic and didn't have to. If people don't want to buy it, then don't. No crime here. And if someone buys it, then it was worth it to them.


A guys gotta try right? People buy low and sell high all the time. It is his first outting doing this by the sounds of it, he is trying to see what he can get for it, and what kind of market there is or isn't.


And maybe he did do something special to it. Has anyone asked him if it was off the shelf? Or what he went through to develop it if anything?


I don't care if it is off the shelf myself. If a guy thinks he has found the coolest thing since sliced bread, and thinks he's discovered a potential market for it. Good for him. The market rules and decides what is a good deal and what is a bad one.


Missrepresenting a warped head as straight, true and fully rebuilt when it wasn't, and selling it for top dollar- now that would be ripping someone off.

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