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    70 1600 Roadster, 71 510 2dr (s14 sr20det ), 72 521 w/L18, and a 66 520
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    I love working on my Datsuns, my Vespa and target shooting with my Glock pistols/shotgun.
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    youth pastor/ radio production
  1. hey fryanbacon! seeing as how you are the only person friending me. and your from so. Idaho! thanks! maybe you could tell me were i can find manuals,part i.d. info or anything that might help me to access info on a tranny (manual) that comes out of a 72 pickup it is a 5 speed and i can tell you that the 5th reverse gears have been hogged out. I just need a manual to put it back into...

  2. 1964 Datsun 1200 truck! Beautiful condition! Needs brake work! Restored about 8 years ago! $1,600 obo I WISH I COULD BUY IT I know the mechanic that worked on this. Let me know if you are interested and I can get you his number or email
  3. sup dood?

    hit me up if you are ever down in Twin again. It was cool to chill with you. No hard feelings on the 320/521 trade with Pork.

  4. haha I stay pretty busy so I wouldn't agree on that part but it is VERY windy and some of the cops are "over zealous"..
  5. haha, well he called me anyhow..
  6. hit me up next time you're down! I aint got no Datsun homies down here. only VW buddies
  7. yes and my buddy can plug in, but cannot communicate..
  8. I don't have the original gauges, unfortunately.. and I've tried some searches with nothing..
  9. I like your goon! looks almost the same color as my two door

  10. After I brought my car back from Cali to Idaho, it ran good for a few days and then started to progressively get worse. Seems like fuel richness increased till it wouldn't even start. I took it to my buddy's shop and he couldn't figure out how to "talk to the computer". He's got an expensive Snap-on reader but no way to get codes. Does anyone know how to overcome this? Would a dealership possibly be able to communicate? I'd rather not have to remove the computer and send it in. I tried searching on this with no fortune. Any help would be rad!
  11. fa sho dood! yeah my cell is 420-5834 My first name is Bryan fyi.
  12. Yeahhhhhhhh boiiiiiiiiii

  13. the dime is sick today.

    can't get it started. Fuel pump seems to be fine, new fuel filter. Acts like it's just not getting gas. Dang sr20. maybe I'll have to take it in and see if there's a computer code to diagnose..

  14. so did you sell this? if not, I'm in Idaho. I need to get one of my car club buddies to buy this from you. I have a suburban and a tow-dolly!:D
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