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  1. Where did the console come from?
  2. holy crap thanks man ill definitely have to do that tomorrow, but thanks for giving such a detailed description and i cant wait to have the thing running right! You guys have been awesome in helping me and it has been really fun learning about these carbs and how one little piece is so critical to the engine running perfect!
  3. ok sweet. Got it running by itself finally! but wouldn't call it a victory as it sputters and is puffing white smoke.... what would this mean? also i realized both carbs were missing the needles by the pistons! so i put new ones in and then came he adjustments on the carbs and i just couldn't get it to run smooth no matter how hard i tried
  4. another question, there was a red oil in one of he carbs and it seemed smooth compared to the other one, is this a carb lubricant? i spilled it and am wondering what it would be because it seemed important.
  5. yes i have he chokes hooked up now and when i pulled the plugs they were covered in something black and slightly chunky, or it could have been buildup over time, bu i cleaned and reinstalled them
  6. when i didn't have i snug it it did a little bit, but im not sure if i still does
  7. so that makes me wonder if its not getting enough air because when i open it and crank is when it sputters and almost runs but when they are closed is when it doesn't even try to start.
  8. no i have multiple sets of carbs and i simply just picked the cleanest ones as i didn't want to take them apart, and the ones i put on were practically brand new besides some signs of wear on the outside. The two lines that came from the bowls people were saying was for overflowing and every photo I've seen shows them running to the bottom of the engine.
  9. also it probably sat for a good 4 years and i cleaned everything fuel related besides actually taking the engine apart and cleaning the pistons and so forth.
  10. It does raise smoothly and i had completely cleaned them of old fuel but when i lift them when starting it sputters and tries and when i let it go nothing happens. Would this mean that something in the carb raises it up when you hit the gas?
  11. Ok so I completely cleaned the fuel system, dropped the tank and drained it, ran a new fuel line and I cleaned the pump, but I have a rebuild kit on the way, but I did notice the oil dipstick smelled like fouled fuel and wondered if the old gas got in the oil which would foil more fuel? I was thinking of just doing an at home oil change and seeing if that would fix it. Also I did have a couple sets of choke cables and I have them hooked up but it almost seems like it's getting flooded or something is fouling the plugs as I took them out and cleaned them and after 30 minutes of cranking they go
  12. oh no i was wondering if it still was a possibilty that it doesnt get spark. It will sputter for like 2 seconds then die
  13. ok so now im at the point where it will be cranking and starts to run then dies, and i noticed the oil dipstick smells like old gas, so would the next thing be to drain the oil? i have a ground going to the block and it doesnt spark anymore, but now it seems like its flooded or still not getting spark
  14. it only sparks when i'm cranking on it
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