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Urethane control arm install. Torsion bolt sizes.


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Hey guys,


I'm installing nissan 720 prothane lower control arm bushings on my 79 620. I noticed that the sleeve they provided me was too small for the torsion bolt to go in. So do you guys know if the lower control arm torsion bolt was the same between the 620 and 720? Does anyone have a 720 one that they can measure the thickness of it so I can compare?

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That's what I was thinking. I checked the part number and they were the same.


Are you using urethane bushings as well? So now, I either enlarge the bushings itself to fit the original inner sleeve or drill out the supplied sleeve to fit the bolt it.. Damn that sucks.

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pretty much. Or you can just call them and give them the dimensions. Maybe they can supply you with the right shit. What i did notice is that the bottom sleeves can be used for the top! But they have to be cut and only enough for one side....

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'78 and up 620 lower link bushing............. 54423 B9500... same for 2 and 4wd 720 trucks all years all models.

'78 and up 620 lower link spindle.............. 54419 B9500... same for 2 and 4wd 720 trucks all years all models.

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What can I say bud. Only that from Aug '77 on, ('78 model year) there were a lot of front end changes such as ball joint steering and disc brakes including a change in the lower control arm. These changes were included in the next gen 720 truck until Oct '82


The bushing is 501 just above the highlighted line.







Number 5 and 6 below...


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Hmm. Thats just interesting. So I wonder why my bolt doesnt fit the metal sleeve. I talked to prothane but he swears I have the right size and he never had anyone calling regarding this problem. If it was the same as a 720, then I wouldn't have any problem with it not fitting.


From the link I showed you, my bolt looks exactly the 54419-b5000. So now I wonder if anyone have a 720 bolt and check which style it is from the link. <_<

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