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Harbor Freight Soda Blaster - Anyone used one?


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So I'm looking at a couple of soda blaster options. Harbor Freight has a fairly cheapo ~$149 option. Also there is the Eastwood option at double that cost. Neither seems to come with a desscant to reduce moisture, which I have read is a fairly needed item. But I'm wondering if anyone has hands on experience with the HF blaster? I am wondering if twice the price is really worth the extra cash to get the Eastwood option. I have a friend with a HF media blaster and it has worked great for the past couple of years and he has done quite a bit with it. I know they are known for making cheap crap, but I'd be willing to bet the Eastwood one is made in China too.

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Here's the budget build soda blaster :D




Indeed, and it works well. To OP, a blaster is a simple contraption. I've inspected the HF one in order to build my own, and I couldn't find any reason it wouldn't perform. More important to consider is the proper compressor, and a good booth/cabinet set-up. Just build your own, and buy a seperator to put on your compressor (which would be good anyways, help protect your equipment.) I'll stick with the one I built based on that link above, it works great and costed about $10 :D

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Hmm, cool. Yeah I kind of figured there wasn't much too it. I have a tall stand up compressor that puts out plenty to even spray a car, so for my little blasting needs, it'll be fine. We'll show those Chinese how it's done. Copy our crap and we'll make the same crap cheaper.

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Alright, the HF 15# blaster is great. I love this thing, especially for the price. I've had no clogging issues and I have run regular and XL soda through it. I'm hard to impress, but this thing works. Best $80 spent in a while.


I bought a couple of 5 gal buckets from HD, the orange buckets with seals in the top and put the soda in those to store it. I have a spare 5 gal bucket for filtering and use a cheap $5 adjustable window screen from HD as my filter to clean out clumps. I then put the filtered soda in the tank and go. It's well worth the money to do the set up like this.

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I meant of your set up. I just purchased 24lbs of baking soda...I'm ready to start cleaning some stuff up :)



This hub was greasy in and out. Used the soda to get it clean. Soda doesn't remove rust, but it sure got this hub super clean. Took me about 20 minutes including blowing the bearing grease out of it.



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