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I have this high pitch squeeking soundnoise coming from the back of my 521.

And it sounds like it's coming from the leaf springs themselves.

Only thing I can think of that could possibly make that noise is when those springs rub on each other when the load is onoff like when I'm driving.

Doesn't happen when I'm at a stop.


Haven't replaced those bushings on the shackles yet so it couldn't be those ones from a polyurethane.


Checked for loose bolts, none found.


Any advise from the gurus would be helpful


It's very annoying driving around with a squeek.

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Is your 521 lowered? Did you remove any leafs? Try putting some rubber pads between the leafs, that should stop the noise. It also may be worn leaf bushings causing it.



way lowered, around 5''

3 inch block, removed overload spring and moved then flipped upside down # 3 spring. So leaf springs are known to make those squeeking sound?

Searched this forum and didn't find anyone having this issue.

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If a leaf has been flipped it's probably putting extra pressure/rubbing on the other ones, possibly causing the noise. Pics would help.




I have to take it apart again.

this sucks

I remember someone local on 510 wagons having those pucks thingy.

Now It makes why he had those.

He did the same thing

Flipped one of the spring.


Never ending lessons

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