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help ??

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ok i have a 85 720 and saw a couple of trucks with the front end like this is it hard to do the (black truck) not the white ????




can any one help me out im trying to do something different but just wondering if it takes alot of work of wat ?????? any suggestions would be cool



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It's called a phantom grille. There used to be a good write up on the old nissanminis site on how to make your own (hardbody) but that's long gone. If you google "phantom grille" you should be able to find something. maybe add "minitruck" to the search.


you can probably buy a universal grille somewhere. The tricky, but not too difficult part is you have to recess the headlight buckets a bit.


There's plenty of fairly incompetent minitruckers out there....if that give's you any idea how hard stuff like this must be

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pick up a mini truckin magazine and look thru the adds, look for chasis tech, or aim industries, or fbi they all offer phantom grilles, and they offer instructions also, they are not hard to do basic hand tools is all u need..:cool:

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