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intake mani ????


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There isn't a "Gain". You "Lose" the EGR port and on the '75-77 type lose the "Mated" Intake/Exhaust setup as well.


Of course, losing those is a "gain" in a way. It's a cleaner setup. The runners are smaller than the L20B intake ports on the L20B type heads, however.

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well after i put on my empi. i pretty much blocked off everything with plates or plugs and i am putting on my header to eliminate the rest of the stuff.. i ripped all the smog crap off and shaved like 40lbs off the truck... i just have a L16 manifold so just seeing if it was worth swapping..

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Guest DatsuNoob

hey Shaggs, get rid of that old-skool mated stove-pipe bullshit and go with your L16 setup. It's not only a cleaner look, but it eliminate the need for making block-off plates and having smog connections on your exhaust mani. Hog your openings out to match the L20 if you're using a weber. I just replaced all my smog junk with the L16 intake and a header, I would strongly reccomend hooking up your brake booster vaccum line to the intake though, I blocked my EGR to elimate a vaccum leak, and instead of running a PCV into my intake, I got a used spare oil catch can from a friend(not because I really need it, but because I thought it looked cool and would be a functional alternative :D) That should take care of my crankcase ventilation. Just an idea if you can find a cheap one or if you know someone who's got one lyin around.

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