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I have laborously removed very cleanly the wheel wells from a 77 620 and now am welding in place new wells that mirror the wheel cutout of the body, with the interior of the wheel well attatched to bed evenly with the outside of the longitudinal frame members. So, the wheelwells are now shorter, radically curved, and thinner.


I would like to cheaply add a little rake to the rear so that the 13" tires I have been using to push the truck around the yard can be replaced with properly sized tires, or perhaps slightly larger or wider wheels/tires in the rear. Now there is approximately 3/4 - 1 inch free space between wheel and bed. Just a couple inches needed I am guessing. Just a little more width in rear would be preferred.


I wonder what "aspect" would be useful since the tire cannot extend further towards the frame of the vehicle.


Lastly, I believe I will purchase the 38/38 weber unless someone is motivated to tell me why this would be wrong. $329.00 with adaptors and all online. I was refered to this forum by members of datsub620 club since this project was believed to be of interest to members here.This model carb. receives great praise from one member there.


This rig is strictly for cruising fun...like a summer lake runnabout. No heavy off road or load bearing duties for us.


2 1/4 inch exhaust is good. "professionally" rebuilt hitachi still does not work

($250.00 down the toilet).

Thank you for allowing me to join your forum.


I have many questions. I look forward to your input. I will help you when I can.



Rob Pascualid

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the 38/38 is a fine carb and the stock datsun cable linkage/pully system should fit on there.


2 inch is more than enough for a exhaust. maybe cut the muffler out and add a Dynomax Super turbo. or a standard (Walker/Thrush/cherrybomb2) 2-3 chambered turbo muffler underneath(but I like quieter now) I hate the glasspack type mufflers(more noise than go) Good for the guy whos in your house before you show up!!!!!!he'll hear you comming.


I believe the later 620s with the L20 had a bigger pipe running underneath anyways. The ones with that nasty L20b exhaust manifold that uses a O ring type seal.If I remember Jeffs 620 it was way bigger than a 521 where it merged from the Y pipe.


Yourll notice a differenc in POWER for sure.

Most peopl on here dont talk about the 38DGES all to much as most popel dont buy new carbs on here and usually the 38s is even more expensive.

I have one but was jetted for a Landcruiser. Only think I didnt like about it was if I was on a hill and had to clutch it just right otherwise I would KILL it cause both barrels open up at the same time then I would loose vaccum and stall out(or rev motor and burn the clutch)


open up the top of the manifold if possible and the carb adapter.


One thing about the later L20s if you have that l20 exhaust manifold its a Bitch to take off the intake and exhaust manifolds due to the lower exhaust inner bolts are hard to near impossible to get at.U joints and extensions.

At most just mount the carb on the manifold and call it good and swap out the muffler if you want that go Faster sound

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The 620 does not usually run 13" wheels. They came with 14's from the factory.

195/80-14 is the factory tire size

In order to get a 13" tire that tall (proper height like you said)


I'm not even sure tires that large are made for a 13" wheel. getting some 14 or 15 inch wheels would be a better idea. Much better tires selection. (cheaper tires too)


As for the rake, usually the rear suspension is left alone and you just lower the front a couple inches by adjusting the torsion bars. Then get an alignment done.


Welcome to the forum.

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