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Datsun 510 phone cards

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So i have a weird thing to list, ive had these for years but right now i need some money to finish stuff on my 200sx. I have to keep my dental money i got put up to replace my now pulled tooth seperate, so im trying to put some money back into my car fund since i cant touch my tooth money :)


What i have here are 2 japanese datsun phone cards. one is a 510, the other a skyline . These things are old (remember when everyone bought phone cards) And from what ive seen they are worth a few bucks. Its insane how much rare phone cards go on ebay of things like greece (150 bucks) lol for a freaking phone card. I just want to get 50 bucks a piece for these. Ill ship if someone wants them that bad, but these things are kind of cool. Im sad to see them go, but i need money for my ecu. If you want both ill take 10 bucks off and make it 90 for the set. These have never left their lil plastic sleeves, and should even still have call time on them because they were never used. So send me a pm if you want them, i dont check the forums that often anymore.






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I believe you cards have been used already...the holes in the top are the timer on Japanese phone cards, as time was used up the phone punches a hole in the top of the card to indicate remaining time. Used these for many years when I lived in Japan.


Those things are sweet, have never seen that style. GLWS

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Could be but my wife lived there to and told me the opposite lol. That that tells the machine how much their is on there and that it slowly would rip that up or something the less time you had. These have no lines on them so i can tell theyve never been slid into any kind of card reader. But who knows lol. Make me a offer guys, i just need some money.

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Yah just asked my wife about it more. She said they arnt used, that what happens on these ones is the lil dot things are the time, and what happens is as time goes down it becomes a straight line, so it like cuts out the dots as u use the time up on them.

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