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oil gauge


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OK OK I did the search thing and all i could get was that the thread for the block (1/8 BSP)

what i am trying to do is add the triple gauge cluster and the volt and block temp no problem.... but the oil pressure is mechanical

can i get a 3 way spliter and thread into the block and hook the oem sender to one side and the mechanical to the other side ?

if so how ? and what would i need ???

as always thank you all

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yes you can do that i do it all the time on diesel engines for boats. just get your self a (brass or stainless) nipple/ run tee/ pipe thread sealer(or tape) i find it best to thread the close nipple into the run tee before threding into the block. be sure to have the thread sealant on before you thread it in. run the threads in snugg. and position the tee where you can easily thread in the two senders. and ta dah.

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Bolting the sensor or hard line into the T-connector is not recommend, because occasionally they break. Use a braided hose from the oil sender hole out to the bodywork, and then mount the tee with senders and lines in place.


The oil pressure switch threads is 1/8 BSPT (british standard pipe tapered), not SAE, not metric.

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working on wiring the lights for the gauges

and the oil sensor still but mounted the cluster


mounted a plate to the same place as the ashtray and attached the cluster to the plate



larger images on last page of cardomain link

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