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brake question


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so it has been a while

been in school for EMT and still have a state test to go, weather has been crap but I was able to get the old girl back together with the new carb

my question is there is a hose coming off of the brake master cylinder and no where for it to go

can i just slap a small filter on the end of this thing and call it a day or cap it off or does it need to pull a vacuum from somewhere or to somewhere?


as always thanks for the help

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Brake master cylinders don't have any hoses on them. The brake booster would as it's powered by intake vacuum. The booster hose should have a one way valve connected in line between it and the intake.

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there is not a hook-up on the intake ...

i swapped to the no emission intake

i think there is a plug(bolt)

anybody got a pic of were this hose is hooked up


and i do think it is the booster hose mike you were right

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If the brake booster hose is disconnected, you don't need to do anything. It doesn't need to be capped. But then your brakes will be hard to push. So hook it back up the intake port is the best thing.


This is how my little Datsun pickup has it, it will be similar for the big 620 pickup:



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got her together minus the exhaust system ......runs good and LOUD with just a header and small pipe on the end

that will be my next undertaking

but it runs and that is a great feeling

I miss driving my datsun



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