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Front disc conversion


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I've been checking out all the information about the front disc brake conversions. Everything looks fairly straight forward, except the brake line routing. Does anyone have information on what new flexible hydraulic lines to use with the new calipers and where to relocate the flex-to-solid mounting point in the wheel well? Thanks for the help.

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I used the stock mounting tab. Just make sure the C clip holds the hose tightly so it doesn't rotate.


As for which hose....there are two different banjo bolts....the longer ones go with the 720 hose and the shorter with the Hardbody hose. I thought I just did a posting about this recently.....not sure where it is, but here's a couple of pics....







If you are buying new calipers, you will not get banjo bolts with them.....so get the hardbody hoses since it's a ton easier to get banjos for them!

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Here is a link regarding the banjo bolt Mike: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/32475-help-get-our-521-to-canby/

Maybe that is what you were referring too. Same info though. The hardbody and tons of other Nissans from that time period have the shorter bolt.


On the hose I used the stock mounting tab and 720 hose with no problems. Pretty much got everything from Rockauto. Just got finished with the brake swap a few weeks ago.

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I finished the disc brakes and drove the truck today. Awesome. They are not as strong as I was hoping, so maybe in the future I will go for a power boost. Need to do the dizzy and weber carb upgrades first though.


I did need to move the flexline bracket in the wheel well. My calipers look different than Mklotz's pic and the flexlines run at a weird angle, which caused the flexlines to crash into the bracket. I just moved them back 6" and it worked great.


Thanks for all the information. Now, on to the next project.

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Did you get my kit? If not, they'll look different. Mine use the single piston caliper.


Your pads need to "bed in" first, then you'll probably notice better stopping. You can also go to an organic compound instead of semi-metallic. Also depends on which m/c you used. Disc brakes take more pressure to stop than drums since they're not self-actuating and have less friction surface. But, they should be better balanced left to right and much easier to modulate during hard braking.

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Gotcha, mine are double piston calipers. The discs definitely work better than the drums, especially at slow speed, like when coming to a stop. Plus, you're right about the hard braking, they don't pull to one side. I'm really happy with them.


Oh, there is a tubing bending shop in Vancouver (Orchards) I used to make a complicated bend brake line. Look them up under "Just Right Auto's" website.

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