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my 720 before, after, and ahead


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Well, as I said in my intro, this truck was given to me by my grandfather and it hasn't been started in over two years. I actually went and picked it up today. This is what it looked like under the carport.










. . .... . and after dropping off the camper shell behind office max, and 4 hours of washing and cleaning, it now looks like this. Overlook the tires having dirty spots, it will be getting Titan wheels soon:






I just got through changing the oil in it, and tomorrow I'm putting on a new fuel filter and a set of plugs. I crawled up under it to see if it had a drain plug on the transmission pan and couldn't find one. I'm not sure if it doesn't have one or if I just didn't see it. Either way I want to change it and the gear oil in the rear diff. I was amazed that after checking all the fluids and adding 5 gallons of fresh gas, it fired right up. Other than it idling high, it ran fine and is still running great.

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Most automatic pans dont have drain plugs, to encourage you to swap the filter while your doing the fluid i believe. just loosen all the bolts a thread or two, then start at a corner and work your way out one bolt at a time so just that corner drops and the fluid isnt out of control. And Damn that is a clean 720

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Thanks for the compliments. Yea, I guess I'll try to find a trans filter for it and swap it when I drop the pan. I'm going to weld a bung on it when it's off, so I can drain in the future without dropping the pan. I'm absolutely amazed at how good it runs and how quick it starts up. Even though it hadn't been turned over in over 2 years, it started the third time the motor turned over. They really are amazing little trucks.

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