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Upgrades for the 720?


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Ok, so I am at a point where I want to do something in the trucks engine bay..


I've thought about engine swaps (really wanna do a 5.6 Titan engine, but it's out of my budget!)


Not being much of an engine guy, I was curous what you guys thought I could do to my 86 Nissan 720 engine. I obviously want something cool and powerful. My truck is obviously a show truck, so it has to be something outside of just a dressed up stock engine.


I've heard of turbos, sidedrafts, head swaps.. not real sure what I need to get myself into. Any help?



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About the 4th post down...


L head onto a Z24 block isn't the easiest task.

Would be just as easy to go VG or KA



No...not an 'easy' task at all. A little more involved than just the engine....L head on a Z24 in a 720

But.....good learning curve.....gotta start somewhere. :D

Looks like this....now just add whatever carburetion you like.


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Get a KA motor from a hardbody, drop in, bolt in. Youll want the 240sx intake and wiring, its less messy and easier than the truck wiring/intake. Then wire in the 4 wires, and buy icehouse's Can Am box... Done deal. 155HP stock, fuel injected motor.

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