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Which 32/36 do I need?

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Ok yes I know someone probably talked about it at some point but I can't find anything on it.



A quick backround about something before I put anything else. A year ago I got my license back for the first time since I was a teenager. I didn't know much about cars but I wanted to learn, and I have no interest in newer plastic cars. I'm from michigan where we don't have alot of datsuns, so I got hooked on them and decided I wanted to learn how to work on them.


I'm not mechanic, but I have learned alot over the past year. I read ratsun forums everyday, multiple times a day, but don't post much because I don't want to look stupid, you guys have a tendency of berating anyone who doesn't know exactly what they are talking about. Which I understand, try showing me your stupid piercing or crappy guitar and see what my reaction is.




So I've had a long road with my 720 so far. I've got a new clutch,transmission,entire driveline, entire brake system,waterpump, replaced most of the wiring, hunted down a mint dash, the list is long. I've got about $3500 into it so far from the mechanic shop and my hands.


I'm at a point now where I'd like to get a new carb, not that it needs one, the stock one is still sitting pretty at 178000 miles.


I don't know what to look for as far as manual,electric, etc. I'm not even sure what the difference is, but I'm determined to do this myself. So I've been trying to educate myself on what I should get but I still can't figure it out.



I have a 1980 720 with an l20b.


So I want to order one new, I believe they even come with an instruction manual?



What are the benefits of having a dual carb setup?


I don't have a long drive to work, but I do cruise around alot in the dotty. I'd like it to be fun as more opposed to economical.



I know you all hate really vague questions like this, so if you want to say I'm stupid or whatever just add something helpful in the post too.

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Weber 32/36 DGEV Is What You Are Looking For A Newer L20b

However I Don't Know If There's A Difference Between My 78' L20b And Your 80' L20b

IMO I Would Just Get he DGEV.... Not Sure About The Linkages On The 720's Though :P

Yes, They Come With Instruction Manuals And There's A Website On Here To Help You Tune Your Carb

Don,t Know Much About Converting Electric Choke To Manual Dual Carb Choke :hmm:


Good Luck :D

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Yes, get a DGEV. Specifically for an L20B get kit K660 at http://redlineweber.com/carb-kits/auto/nissan-truck/


Although any Weber 32/36 will work alhtough you might need to fiddle with the adpaters and linkage. In illahee washington you won't need to smog test a pre-82. For those who do there is an emission version of the DGEV.



> What are the benefits of having a dual carb setup?


Looks great! But no benefits except for a race truck, where spending $1000 makes the difference between winning and almost winning.

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Haha I figured that would be the answer on the dual carbs.I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with a pair in the long run, just out of boredom.



I know that I won't need to pass a smog test, so that's why I'm taking into consideration anything that I can do in the long run.


So once I remove and swap for the weber, what is everything that I would be able to take out? I know there is alot of smog stuff but I'm not sure what all is smog stuff. And would there be anything I would need to cap once I did it?


Is there anything I should think about upgrading in my engine immediatly afterwards or beforehand?

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I recommend leaving it all connected. For good performance you should leave:


1. Vacuum advance. Just a simple hose from the carburetor to the distributor. The Weber 32/36 DGEV has a port for this purpose.


2. PCV system. Connect the rocker cover hose to the DGEV air cleaner OR to a small filter.



You don't need to modify the engine for a Weber 32/36.

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I went with the Manual choke kit as where I live It's warm and I like the simplicity and reliability of manual. Be sure to use Loctite on the screws in the double plate adapter . mine worked loose and gave me a huge airleak. I am curious about the "idle shutoff soleniod" I may need to control engine run on at shutoff.

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The idle-cut solenoid is great. Just wire it to the coil, dead simple. To control engine run-on without a solenoid, lower your idle speed -- the higher the idle the more likely it is to run-on. At 600rpm it probably won't diesel at all.

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