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  1. Thanks Mike! The upper outer rubber bushing on the control arm is shot so thats probably the clunk but why would that make the brakes grab more. and not releasing I figured was a check ball issue but just saw a post about adjusting for freeplay on the M/C pushrod. P.S. check my post in electrical on dizzy and matchbox Thanks
  2. Recently my 521 has been dying when I come to a stoplight. Usually it starts right up but today it seemed like it almost fired but then wouldnt start. I pulled the fuel line but it had gas. Then I checked for spark and nothing. I towed it home and it started right up. It has a Matchbox dizzy and the bigger coil to go with it. I suspect the coil but I'm not sure. I also just replaced my alternator and found a burnt regulator. I replaced the burnt TL1Z-57G 12v 408 one with a 510 regulator i had laying around. its marking is 30-503 im assuming thats not a problem as theyre both 72 datsun.
  3. When hitting my brakes they work but sometimes go "clunk" and then work better. It sounds like its coming from the left but theres no pull when it happens. Also they dont always retract right away. Intuition tells me its the master check valve as I changed the shoes and springs. Slaves werent leaking and I greased the adjuster shims. Should I replace the master?
  4. hey what jetting did you use when you had the weber 32/36 on the cammed l20b?
  5. I am comparing vs a 2014 Ford Focus and also a GPS, the focus is about 1mph faster on its gauge than the GPS. my speedo reads about 5-6% faster at 40mph and 10% faster at 85mph.
  6. Thanks for chippin in mike, I had purchased a 21 tooth red cog and sleeve assembly from the Z store because they had it in stock, but after I installed it my speedo is still 5-10% too fast.
  7. I noticed this info is about 10 years old now, and doesnt cover the Subaru R160 VLSDs that came in WRX and Outbacks and others from '99 and up. Any subaru legacy outback with cold weather package from 99 to 03 will have VLSD R160, and any Outback from 01-03 will have the VLSD as STANDARD equipment. Look for the heated windshield wipers and heated seats to know if the car has cold weather package. These cars are now over 10 years old and very easy to find. I found three R160 VLSD equipped outbacks in the Ecology just this weekend. They are available in 4.11 for the manual transmission outbacks and a nice zippy 4.44 in the automatics. In '99 Subaru changed their VLSD design to no longer require the longer extra set of splines on one axle to engage it. This means all you have to do is have some c-clip gooves machined into the end of your factory Datsun axle stubs and they will clip right into any '99 and up Subaru R160 VLSD and will engage the VLSD and work just fine! The machining cost only 60-100$ This makes the total cost for a 4.11 VLSD under 200$!! Thats a real ratsun price for an LSD! some pics of the machinging: http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3881
  8. Green 23 tooth for 4.44 diff. 4x4 720 pickups should have had them but I cant find any in the yards around me. 32703-86402 22T (orange) 32703-86403 23T (green)
  9. Where the heck can I get a 23 tooth cog? I need one badly for my 510 with 81 280zx trans, 195/60r14 tires, 4.44 Subaru VLSD R160 diff If anyone knows any dealership that stocks 22-23 tooth speedo cogs or has an extra one please PM me or post here!
  10. Ouch I made a costly mistake. I left out the insulator cap in the kit and the hall trigger got arced to death. I threw in a single point for now but I've got another matchbox on the way. At least it starts again at the touch of the key
  11. The trick was (after messing with various spacers) I slid an inch long section of rubber hose over the steering shaft to past the splines where it's smaller. Then the conical section in the adapter ( behind its splines) snugged up on the hose as the nut was tightened. I also had to tap the cancellation pins a little to stop hitting the turn signal
  12. Well I rolled the dice and won. I saw an EBay listing for an adapter that fit 1967 datsun. It said in the listing "does not fit truck" but in the photo it looked like the one in the other post. I called and the lady said it was an old stock item and she didn't know. I bought it anyway and it fit perfect. The horn ring is where it should be , signals cancel and all it's adapter #3575
  13. Checked it out today. The coil is 3 ohm. The black white wire was not on the coil. Don't know if it fell off or I f'd up. Don't know how it was grounding! LOL It started easier but I haven't driven it. I spent the afternoon fitting the Grant wood 14" wheel, perfect fit with the elusive 3575 adapter :)
  14. I'm using the pertronix coil as well, I'll check my gaps.
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