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521 oem battery cables and hub caps

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I'm looking for some 521 battery cables I dont know if the 510 battery cables were the same but I would be interested in knowing if they are. The cables in the pic are original. The negitive has a yellow strip and a piggy back wire that grounds on the alternator. The positive is just all black with a piggy back wire that goes to the fuse box.


Please dont tell me to go and buy new cables at the auto store. I have considered it but for some stupid reason the little piggy back wires are always too short and I dont want any butt connectors on my wires. I just replaced the negative terminal and dont like a unsealed terminal.




If you have any nice 521 hub caps like these let me know.


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I made my own cable.

Here are some of the main parts I used.



This is the end of the cable at the battery.



And the starter end.



And finally, the fusebox wire.



The red battery to starter cable is 1 Gauge. The white battery to fusebox wire is 6 or 8 gauge, probably 6.

To make them, after stripping the wire, or cable, I put the lug, or battery clamp cup end up in a vice. I then use a propane torch to heat the outside of the cup, until solder will melt inside the cup, and then I fill the cup about half full with molten solder. While I am doing this, I have a hot air gun heating up the end of the cable. I put the smaller wire into the cup, and then shove the big cable alongside it, and hold it until it cools. then I cover the joint with heat shrink.


For the negative cable, I just put two lugs under the lifting eye bolt. One, to the battery, the other, down to the alternator.


When the terminal is good and hot,

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Are these 521 hubcaps? I thought they came on the 320 pickups, but I could be wrong. I have never had the negitive battery cable ground out to the alternator, I always seem to have a smaller(not really small) black wire that goes from the alt. ground to somewhere near the regulater, and grounds out there. My main battery negitive cable always seems to ground to the block itself, and another one goes from the block to the frame.

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The negative battery cable goes to the cylinder head, at the lifting eye on the left side of the engine. On a stock 521, there is a wire that also goes down to the frame of the alternator, from the lifting eye. On the same case connection on the alternator, there is a black wire that goes to the voltage regulator mounting bolt.


Those are 521 hubcaps. They look better than most of mine.

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well, the reason everyone tells you to go to the autoparts store is because thats where you buy new cables, you can get a variety of different lengths and sizes, or go to an electrical supply house and build your own, or order some NOS from the dealer. But looking at the pics your old ones work just fine?

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