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Roadster Pressure Plate

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I just called Nissanparts.cc

They said the are no more P/P in the USA and to try Canada Nissan.


lucky I have 2 new spares!!!!!!!!!!!!!



has a list of clutches from the Centerforece to stock Daiken to the SPEC series stages 1 thru 5.

I dont know nothing about the Spec clutch. Maybe they are just Roadster clutches in desguise. I DONT KNOW.


importrp has a funky way around the site. so try differnt ways of getting in on your model to list all the clutches and manufactures.

You can also get Daiken disc 31$ or the cheaper but just as good Asco disc 23$




if anybody knows a source for Nissan Roadster Pressure plates let us Know.



these guys list the P/P





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Recieved my 2 Asco discs but they are in a "Aisin" box. good price at 23$ apc.Asin makes alot of Transmission ect... a good company.

also go 2 T/O bearings. Koyo brand 13$ apc


The Daiken Disc looks slightly better @ 31$. But I have run both with good results



As with Most Roaster Pressure plates they are still good and would just replace the disc and T/O bearing



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