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replacing rear wheel studs


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Is there a way to change the rear wheel studs on a 510 without removing the stub axle? im replacing the stock studs with extended 50mm studs so they dont just slip in.

Can i just drill a whole big enough for the wheel stud on the drum back plate and push it in through there?

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this is what I do. You will ruin a lug nut in the process, but it works.


Punch out the old wheel stud and then insert the new stud in the hub. Get a couple of hand wrenchs and put them over the stud shank. Thread the lug nut on the shank and tighten the lug nut onto the wrech until you can't tighten it anymore. It is goign to hit the lugs on the wheel. Then loosen and do that process again. Loosen and repeat until the lug seats against the hub face.


Hopefully this makes sense. Like I said you ruin one lug nut by doing it this way, but it takes about 5 mintues and beats removing the hub or in my case an axle to get the job done.


Aww crap. Just read the first post compeltely. Oops. yeah the longer studs pose a definate problem. My bad....

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You can drill a hole in the backing plate.



I looked at doing this. I can not seem to find the right spot to drill. It is either too close to the wheel cylinder or too close to the axle. Anyone have pics of this done correctly?

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Best answer ever.


Now, I don't know how tight things are in the back of a 510, so things might need to be moved around, BUT...


Beat bad stud with a BFH. Remove from shoe assembly.


Finagle new stud into it's new home.


Install this tool onto new stud with a lugnut.


Lisle part no. LS22800


Tighten it down until the collar of stud is flush against hub.


Reinstall what ever you had to remove. Put drum and wheel back on car.

Torque wheels. Drive off into the sunset.


The tool pictured is a wheel stud installer. Essentially, it's a big bearing. It can be found at a NAPA store for about $25.

If you don't want to spend the money, you could use a small axle nut and some washers.


I love the tool. It hasn't failed me in 5 years. Does a good job.

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